Best Legal Tech Innovation 2021


LAWRENCE was awarded “Best Legal Tech Innovation 2021” by the Association of Austrian Corporate Lawyers and Women in Law.

The innovation prize recognises outstanding innovations and projects in the legal industry. LAWRENCE won the Legal Tech Provider category as a highly specialised tool for the legal marketing of law firms. Lawrence is considered a game changer and manages to completely redefine and optimise workflows and the exchange of information within law firms.

​Work Smarter, Not Harder.

There is a huge amount of data in every law firm. Lawrence helps to collect, structure and link this data. Why? Turning data into useful and usable information saves time and therefore also costs. Because smart data makes it easier and faster for users to get the results they want.

Single Source of Truth.

Lawrence allows marketing-relevant data in law firms to be collected online, managed centrally, structured flexibly and used automatically for

  • offers and pitch presentations
  • submissions, rankings and awards
  • CVs and profiles of attorneys

Lawrence digitises, simplifies and automates legal marketing processes and workflows, improving the quality of output and increasing efficiency.

​24/7 Avalibility.

Data is a valuable resource for legal marketing: information on work highlights, expertise, tombstones, logos and CVs are important elements for pitch documents, submissions, reference lists and CVs.

Lawrence digitises this data, makes it accessible and usable for the desired purpose.

Open to Others.

Lawrence can access marketing-relevant data that has already been collected with other tools: Lawrence’s flexible architecture makes it easy to create interfaces with other systems, including:

  • Matter Management systems
  • CRM
  • HR systems
  • Other systems on request

This eliminates the duplication of data entry.